Taj Residency Trivandrum

Board of Directors of DIL

DIL has entered into a Technical Services & Development Assistance Agreement with the Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) to guide in interior decoration, furnishing of the hotel, and handle project facilities. DIL has also entered into a Hotel Operating Agreement with IHCL for the operation of the hotel as a premier business class hotel under the name “Taj Residency Trivandrum“, initially for a period of 10 years. IHCL is a Tata group company engaged in operation and management of the largest number of hotel properties in India. IHCL has deputed their executives to man the key positions to ensure the day to day operations are in keeping with their exacting professional standards.

DIL’s Managing Director Mr D.Amit Reddy is located at the hotel. He oversees the day to day affairs of the company and coordinates with the IHCL team that are managing the operations of the hotel.

Taj Residency Trivandrum is the flag ship of Dodla International Limited
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